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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III / Warzone

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Escape from Tarkov

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Registration Terms

General provisions:

  •      By downloading, installing, copying and using this software (software), you agree to the terms and conditions set forth.
  •      The software uses the unique identifiers of your hardware
  •      The software is provided on an "as is" basis.
  •      The software is not for sale, it is only licensed.
  •      The license is issued exclusively for the use of the software for private purposes.
  •      The use of the Software entails the installation or use of additional components on the User's computer.

 By paying for the license, you automatically agree:

  •     Use of the Software at your own risk
  •     The development team reserves the right to change the subscription price.
  •     The development team reserves the right to change\edit\remove the functionality of the software without the knowledge of the licensee.
  •     The Undetected status does not guarantee 100% protection from blocking (with any cheat in any game, a ban is possible).
  •     By purchasing this software, you agree with the rule that when the project is detected or completely closed, you will not receive a refund!
  •     By purchasing this software, you agree to the rule that if you block the game account, you will not receive a refund!

Software, in its original form (not modified by third parties):

  •     It does not contain malicious code sections (taking into account the specifics of the software).
  •     Does not contain obscene informational materials.
  •     It does not contain erotic materials.
  •     Does not log or transmit personal data (logins, passwords, files, etc.) from the User's device.

Refund and license freeze:

  •     The money for the purchased cheat is not refunded!!!
  •     Your Windows doesn't match our description. (Be careful to check the Windows build)
  •     You bought the wrong product.
  •     You have purchased the program, and for some reason it has suspended its work for a certain or indefinite period
  •     If the project is detected or completely closed, you will not receive a refund!
  •     If you block the game account, you will not receive a refund!
  •     It is not possible to exchange the key for another software (game)
  •     If for some reason you cannot play with the software, we do not freeze the license, do not make compensation and replacement, etc.

A refund is possible in case (if the software does not work due to non-operability on our side) :

    If the cheat does not work completely on your system and the technical support of the site has verified this.
    To verify the existence of problems with the purchased product, technical support has the right to request access from you to the computer (on which you run the cheat) via a remote connection, for example through teamviewer. If you refuse this procedure, the money will not be refunded. If technical support could not solve the problem of the cheat functioning on your computer, after the granted access, then we will refund the purchased product.
    Also, to return the money, you must contact the problem no later than a day from the date of purchase of the activation key for the cheat with which there were problems, otherwise the refund will be refused.

 The license is frozen automatically for the cheat update period.

To the Licensee :

  •     It is forbidden to copy, distribute, divide into parts or create child versions of the SOFTWARE.
  •     It is prohibited to sell, lease or transfer for temporary use to other persons the Software or the rights to use it.
  •     It is forbidden to analyze, decompile or disassemble the application code, as well as to look for ways to obtain the source code of the software by any means.
  •     The User undertakes to use the Program in accordance with the instructions set out in the manual.
  •     The user accepts the risks associated with the loss of game accounts due to the specifics of the software.

Obligations of the seller:

  •     Provide an opportunity to obtain a license.
  •     At the request of the licensee, provide the required technical information (if possible).
  •     Keep licensees up to date with software operability and technical problems.
  •     Help with the setup if required.(send instructions for review)


Further use of the Software means that you have read, understood and agree to accept the obligations described in the text.

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