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How to downgrade your Windows Version!


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Downgrading/Upgrading your Windows Version!


If you keep getting an error in the launcher where it's saying "unsupported windows version" you'll either need to downgrade, or upgrade your windows version. You can figure out what Windows Version you're on by clicking on your "windows" key and then typing in the search area "winver" 




- You need to click on this link. It's a list of official Microsoft applications. 
- You need to correspond the correct windows version on the website link above with the correct version that's supported for your game. (You can literally find that on the forums, within whatever game you're trying to launch and see the supported assembly builds under the instructions of whatever game)




- Once you've found the correct version, click on it.. then select which language you prefer.  (Normally, people are on a x64 bit PC, and there on a consumer edition) YOU'LL KNOW IF YOU'RE SOMETHING DIFFERENT..  

- I have circled  which windows ISO people USUALLY need to use.. it's the x64 bit version. 





- Click on "download the file via torrent" 



- You can just save it too your desktop or where ever you like.. 

- You'll need to take the Windows torrent , and add it too your TORRENT software




- Once it's downloaded, you need too right click the Windows torrent in the torrent software and stop it from seeding, then right click it again and "open file"

- You need to right click on the Windows.ISO and mount it.

- Once mounted you need to navigate to "this pc" and you'll see the Windows.ISO there, click on it run it, and follow the Official Microsoft update..


Once it's done it's thing you should be on the new windows version. 









If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me on Discord!! ---   King-__-Chron#3578   --- 

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