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always get shadow ban


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hai can i ask something? why in this week i always get shadow ban. first i waiting until get unband from shadow ban and then play like normaly and not using croked arms. after 3 game i play using croked arm but after that match i automaticly get shadow ban in game i just kill 2 -3 people and still i get same case.

and the second i wait agian until get unband from shadow ban , and in day 2 i got unban . and play again like before play 3 time normal and play 1 game using croked with 2 -3 kill to much afk in game, and still get shadowban

and then i try again until 3 time and stil get same case

is that something wrong?

or can u give me a sugestion
and 1 more im just using wall hak
and aim in additional point 10

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Same here,tryed 3 pc,3 accounts playing 1 hour 5 kills shadow ban,aim bot on lowes settings and body not head aim,something is not good,i hear lots of people getting shadow ban in half hor game !!!

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